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What is this homepage about? It will be very little about me actually. It is more about a web site where I can write articles about hobbies and things that I am otherwise interested in. I have decided to keep it simple with flat pages, no columns. My main url "www.larrydgray.net" will be a table of contents for the site. Each page will be organized as (article,comments,links,books). I hope to spark your interest in something that I am also interested in. I hope to direct you to the proper information. And I have found that if I write about something I also learn about it in great depth. I hope to get feedback of which some I will publish. I hope that some of this will be a community effort where we all pitch in with some of the information and research. I will be publishing each article on lulu.com as a booklet. I will also post it as a free pdf download. I have decided to go ahead and work on the outline below. At the very least the outline would give someone some clues as to what to search for on the internet in their own study of the same topics. I may also begin making pages with a single paragraph and begin to provide links and recommended books for each item in the outline.

This site will be divided into 4 main categories. Below is a list of things I intend to write about. I do not intend to be comprehensive. I intend to tell a small story, or otherwise provide a small bit of information to get you started in your research or hobby. You will note that some subjects I put under one category or another yet they could just as easily go in two or more. For example ham radio could be both indoor and outdoor. Cooking in Homesteading could be in Indoor and Outdoor hobbies. Hunting, Fishing, Shooting etc I have placed under Homesteading, even though they could go under outdoor hobbies. Sometimes I may put one catagory in more than one branch but use (see other branch) label. Later I may do some kind of cross referencing or indexing. I have worked very hard just to come up with this outline based on years of personal study as well as some of the links and book references which I will post. The topics of building/green building/sustainable living/homesteading/cooking/gardening are so huge I can hardly do them justice. I do believe that the reader/viewer will find this to be interesting however. I have provided some links to blog articles in the outline below.

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